Exporting different sized videos at once lead to weird renderings

If you like to export more than 1 video with different sized input to 4k Topaz Video AI is orienting on the first input video and not handlich each input video separate.
That leads to wrong output videos…just the first will be correct…the other videos are cropped what was not choosen.(i choosed at first hd to 4k and the 2nd was DVD to 4k)
It is working when each video with different input size will be exported one after the other NOT all together what SHOULD work…but doesn´t…

I experienced strange things too with the beta before when I made changes to the settings to the individual videos and then they were rendered in the wrong size no matter what size was set and shown in the menu for each video.


We’re prioritizing a fix for some batch processing bugs that should resolve this issue. We’re hoping to have this update out soon!


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