Export issue with 2.0.8 studio update

Exporting my image as both jpg and png looks fine on preview, but when opening the file in photoshop (pscs3) I get a really horizontally compressed file, which gives me a warning about pixel aspect ratio correction (which somehow got checked in PS). Unchecking SEEMS to fix the problem (file looks as it should horizontally) but trying to drag it or copy it to the original PS file yields either a blank layer (when dragging) or the original issue with a really horizontally compressed file (when copy/pasting)

I have screenshots of the issue but see no way to ass them here…

That may be an issue as Topaz Labs only officially supports Photoshop Creative Suite 4-6. Raise a support request at the main website.

For uploading images use the computer symbol with the up arrow in the box you are typing in.

there was no problem with the previous version of topaz (2.0.0) or with the original (topaz 1?). the issue seems to only be with the updated version.

I reported this at the initial release, but have not seen it happen lately. It’s not just PhotoShop in that Win 10 also displayed it distorted in the preview icon.

Earlier Report

After my initial few cases of tall and narrow I had one turn extra short and wide as well.