Studio 2 - JPEG Pixel Aspect Ratio Sharpe Radius

I’m having an issue with the initial release messing with the pixel aspect ratio of jpg files so that the image preview in Win 10 and Photoshop displays it very tall and narrow.

As far as feature requests I’d like to be able to use high pixel radius values (up to 100) in the sharpen filter. Right now it’s limited to a max value of 5.

My favorite sharpening technique (Local Contrast Enhancement) using the Photoshop unsharp mask has values of Strength 20%, Radius 30, Threshold 0. This really sharpens up the image without generating any of the typical sharpening halo artifacts.

If Topaz Studio 2 had this functionality I’d have little need to use Photoshop other than for editing DDS files and applying Normal Map Filters for my 3D game development. Speaking of which…

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