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    Everytime a H264 or H265 MP4 envelope is processed that contains audio tracks, it errors out on Auto, Copy and Transcode, for the process to complete, audio settings dropdown needs to read “none” for the process to succesfully complete, this has been happening for at least two years now and I am amazed and appalled that patch after patch, you people have not been able to fix this, maybe you need a company that takes care of support so you geniuses won’t have to bother with menial things like supporting your product and the people that feed you?.
    Please be aware that not providing expedite and clear support via your website is a violation of commercial procedures in the UK and the EU, and as it is, there is no system in place to have your paying customers a ticketing system readily available on the support site.
    (Yes, I am a lawyer, yes I know about this and yes you guys can be in trouble and get shut down and/or be fined thru the nose till it bleeds, fix your support availability)
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Screenshot 2023-05-31 013806

Thanks for sharing this issue with me. This is not a known issue at this time and the logs you shared do not contain any error messages. Can you please reproduce the issue again and share your logs?

If you visit our site, you will find a help scout beacon on each page. This allows users to contact us directly at any time.

For very strange reason my rendered clips do have audio this next day??? I realy don’t know why it had no audio yesterday (original clips did have audio and on check the rendered dit not, why?? Blows my head but it did have it today!!)

“I have also no audio any more after the last updat 3.2.7 On Macbook Pro M1Max and Mac studio M1 Max Latest software and on iMac Pro Monetery No audio have converted 7 video’s (5 hour total) for denoise which is realy perfect on Proress LT this is realy annoying I have to put in FCP the audio again under it and export again.”

That is odd, I am not sure why the audio was not present one day and then the next. With that being said, Topaz Video AI cannot continue to write or edit a file once the file has been exported so the conclusion I am coming to is that the media player you used may have not supported the audio stream and then it may have auto-updated to reflect compatibility.

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