Errors from dxv3 codec

Hi , i am trying to upgrade my VJ visuals library , all my clips are .mov container , DXV3 normal quality codec , some RGB some RGB+A.

On a lot of files topaz just crashes at import . while all these files play perfectly in Resolume Arena or Alley , they are same codec and format as the others , which do get accepted at import.
Then at export , about 1 in 10 clips will give an error and fail , the rest upscales perfectly.

Im only using resolution upscale and FPS enhancement , no other modules.

Please advice what to do…

Side note as feedback = very annoying that topaz starts up with the previous playlist loaded, this so so so often jams up the loading process and i dont even have a option to remove them. They are already converted from last time so i dont need them there anymore. I got to delete registry entries and appdate folders for topaz to open in this case , this sucks balls honestly common

Can you share the logs from the failed processes?

Currently Video AI can not handle an alpha channel in the stand alone app. This can be done in the Resolve plug-in workflow though.