Error - Video AI 4 cannot download models

I cannot preview or export any videos. Video AI appears unable to establish connection to the Topaz models to download them. FFMPEG then quits.

I have checked ani-virus settings and Video AI is not being blocked. Older versions of Video AI (2.6.4) and other current Topaz apps have no issues downloading AI models.

My system:
Windows 11 Pro 22H2
Samsung 990 Pro 2tb SSD
Nvidia RTX 3080 12gb
Intel i7-12700k
64gb RAM
Topaz Video AI 4.0.5 demo

2023-12-02-21-45-3-Main.tzlog (223.7 KB)

Have you tried checking or un-checking the highlighted setting?


Hi David,

Yes I have tried check/uncheck those settings and still the same problem.

Disable the Windows firewall and try it.

I’ve figured out the problem. It appears that Kaspersky firewall was somehow still blocking Topaz Video AI 4, even though all known firewall settings are set to allow it access. The only way around this is to disable Kaspersky firewall completely for a minute until the AI models are downloaded and then re-enable Kaspersky again.

Is there any way to download all of the AI models and store them locally?


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