Error Message cannot save image

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2023-03-27-17-09-28.tzlog (632.3 KB)

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Can you describe the actual message you get? And have you searched this site for the problem you are experiencing?

Can’t reproduce it right now. Will try to make a screen shot next time it happens. Happened several times before, so I am sure it will occur again some time in the future (I am using Topaz quite often, that is meant as a compliment).

Addition: The error message is persistent, even if you change the settings, and try again to save. Only if you close and reload the image file, saving is possible. Same image, so it can’t be due to the image file.

Besides, I was just cecking the sites you have referred to. They do not deal with the problem I am experiencing, though you may certainly call this a - partial - crash. I don’t do batch processing, which seems to be the topic of most of these sites.

I don’t know what sites you are referring to, the only site is Topaz Forum and the search icon is at the top:

Sorry, I misspelled. I meant the “Suggested Topics” items at the bottom of this conversation. I will use the search field once I find time to do such a search.

Thanks for sending the logs. The error is showing that the file does not exist.

Are the files stored directly on your computer or on a removable/external drive?

Can you check if the error still appears if you move the file to your desktop and try to process it from there?