Error DNG Write Error after treatment of a Lumix G9M2 Raw

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Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 : From Lightroom I launch Treatment to Topaz Photo AI in the Module Extra featuree
  2. Step 2 : Topaz Photo AI do the analysis and the treatment
  3. Step 3 : When I ask “Save to Adobe LrC, i get " Error DNG Write Error”

Topaz Photo AI [v2.4.2] on [Windows]

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Let’s try to reset your Lightroom plugin to try and get it working for you. You can follow the directions below to reset your Lightroom plugin:

  1. Close Lightroom fully.
  2. Run the Topaz Photo AI installer again. Get a new one from the downloads page: Topaz Labs Downloads
  3. Open Lightroom and check the File > Plug-ins Extras again.

Let me know if those steps get it working again.

Hi John,

Thank you for your response, unfortunately this does not work.
I deleted Topaz Photo AI from my PC and reinstalled it and I still have the same problem.
For additional information, I have the same problem if I edit my Panasonic Lumix DC-G9M2 photos directly from the Topaz Photo AI software.
On the other hand, I have no problem if I do the same operations with my old Panasonic DC-G9 camera (first edition).
It seems that Topaz is not working properly when converting raw DC-G9M2 to DNG…

Kind regards.

Would you mind sending in some of the files you are having trouble with while using Topaz Photo AI?

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below.

Dropbox File Request

Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.

HI John,

I sent you two examples of raw DC-G9M2.
From my experience all these types of raw systematically have the problem.

Kind regards.

Thanks for sending in those files.

Currently the Panasonic Lumix G9 II Mirrorless Camera is not supported by Topaz Photo AI.

Check out our list of Supported Cameras for Topaz Photo AI.

We utilize a third-party software known as LibRAW for RAW file processing. We will need to patiently await an update from them regarding their RAW library before we can incorporate it into our software.

During this period, it would be necessary for you to convert those RW2 files into either TIFF or JPG format.

Hello John,

OK, I’ll use this workaround until Topaz includes a version of LibRAW compatible with the DC-G9M2…
I hope it will be soon because I think that this upstream conversion is not favorable to the good quality of the processing. Is not it ?

Kind regards.