Error - Click to view export (end of the process)

Hello everybody.

i just bought a new PC and a RTX 4090 to speed up the process on Topaz Video AI.

1/The bug / behavior you have encountered
Bug : The process is very fast, but once arrived at 100%, an error occurs (Error with red cross)
I upscale from 720x576 to 4k with Theia.

2/ System : Win 11 / RTX 4090 / Intel I7-14700K

3/ Your log files (Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support) (364.2 KB)

  1. Any screenshots as necessary

Thank you for your help.

Check your Preferences setting to confirm that the AI processor is set to the new 4090 and didnt revert to auto.

Thank you for the reply, but it was set up on RTX 4090 (not auto)

What driver do you have on that card? The latest v551.61 has being causing some issues for others users. v551.23 seems to be more stable right now.

Drivers are the 551.61

i will try downgrading them.

After downgraded to previous version of the drivers → still an error at 100% (990.9 KB)

A quick update.
The video is 20 minutes long.
If a set the process to only proceed 1 minutes c30 secondes , everything is ok.

I will try by dichotomy to find the specific moment where the export is not working anymore.

I think the issue is related to my videos. Indeed, if i proceed the whole video except the last second, it works fine.

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