Error at the end of the rendering

Hello I just bought the app and try it but at the end of the rendering the error text pops up. (58.6 KB)

I think I have the same error, It’s at the end of rendering a video with Aion under odd circumstances (1.6 MB)

I just noticed that it only affects exports, not previews!
This time, the error occurred before the render completed. (1.8 MB)

In your logs, there are out of memory error codes on some of the process attempts. I would recommend setting the max memory % in the Preference Panel>Processing to 75% and then run the clips again and see if the GPU can handle the processing memory needs. Since your card only has 4GB of VRAM it is getting overwhelmed.

The Aion model is a memory heavy process and it is recommended to have at least 12gb of VRAM when trying to run that model. See this post from Tony in regards to running Aion.