[ENHANCEMENT ORDER] - To match Recommended Workflow

The new “custom order” of operations is extremely limited if we can’t change the order once an enhancement has been added. Need to be able to change the order via drag and drop.

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Hello! :slight_smile:

Seeing that you have acces to Photo AI v3, which offers the ability to drag and drop the enhancements to choose the order you desire, can you let me know if you have any issues doing so? Do you have any feedback on what could be done differently?

Here is also the recommended order for the enhancements:
RAW Denoise (if applicable) → Adjust Lighting → Balance Color → Remove Noise → Sharpen → Remove Object → Recover Faces → Preserve Text → Upscale

Keeping an eye out for your reply,

The new drag-to-reorder feature is great. Just what was needed.

If what you noted is the recommended order for enhancements, perhaps they should be listed in that order in the “Add enhancements” menu. I think that would be more intuitive.

It would also be very helpful if we could rename enhancement instances. For example, I might use multiple instances of the Sharpen enhancement to apply different Sharpen settings to different parts of a photo. Renaming instances would help to keep track of which enhancement is which.

Finally, please add a Blur or Defocus enhancement. Sometimes I want to Sharpen the subject of a photo while defocusing the background. Photo AI currently has no ability to blur or defocus a selection.



Great. For the order of the enhancements to match workflow, I will change the naming of this idea here to reflect that.

For the Renaming, I would suggest adding your vote here on this Idea:
[NAME LAYERS] - Ability to rename enhancement layers and save the individual layer settings

For the Blur and Defocus, same, to add you vote here on both of these Ideas:
[SOFTEN] - A soften filter, the antithesis of "Sharpen”
[BLUR BG] - Background blur mode