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The Ne Noise program (Topaz Photo AI2) prevents photo editing because the Downloading Models have not been downloaded. Help!
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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Same here - when I try to drag/drop my Olympus ORF (RAW) files into Photo AI 2.1.2 I get a message saying it’s “Downloading Models”, and that “Some model files have to be re-downloaded before images can be processed”, but then it’s either taking far too long to download models, or it’s hung at this point.

Either way - not great!

Update - just tried to export a Lightroom TIF file into PhotoAI as an alternative to the Olympus ORF fil - and hit the same problem.

As I’ve just upgraded to 2.1.2 before hitting this issue, so is this a bug with the new release?


Same here … very boring that get the “Models downloading …” for every file that’s reviewed.

Suggestions to help me avoid please?

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