Double Frame Rate

  1. The bug / behavior you have encountered

Before any processing, there are some videos (interlaced DVD rips) that display incorrect frame rate info in Topaz Video AI. The frame rate is reported as 29.97 in Quicktime, VLC, and mediainfo (command line). Yet when opened in Topaz the frame rate is reported as 59.94. With a deinterlacing model selected it shows 59.94 (1x Deinterlaced) and 119.88 (2x Deinterlaced) as options.

If you process to 59.94 (1x Deinterlaced) it comes back as 59.94 but with duplicate frames. If you process to 119.88 (2x Deinterlaced) it comes back as 119.88 but stutters: two duplicate frames, then it jumps backward for two duplicate frames, then forward for two duplicate frames, etc.

I am using Handbrake to rip the DVD with the same settings each time. Sometimes one clip from a DVD will open correctly as 29.97 and another clip off the same DVD will open as 59.94. In both cases other software reports 29.97.

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Other than that, great software, great support. Thanks, team.

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