Doesn't Preserve GPS Data

Windows 11 / Topaz Photo AI 1.3.6 (I will update to 1.3.7 when I have an internet link fast enough)

Raw File - with GPS coordinates
Lightroom 12.3 (camera raw 15.3)
Photo / edit in Topaz Photo AI
Output .tiff file has no GPS coordinates.

I haven’t noticed this before.

Hi there,

This is normal behavior with the Photo > Edit In workflow – the only workflow in Lightroom that will preserve GPS data is through File > Plug-In Extras > Topaz Photo AI. Please let us know if this method retains the data for you.

Hi there,

I phased a similar problem with GPS metadata of the image after editing in Topaz Photo AI 1.3.7


Within Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.13 I am using open and edit photos in third-party imaging applications.
In this case, open and edit photos in Topaz Photo AI 1.3.7.
The image in Lightroom contains GPS metadata.
After editing the image (tiff-format) in Topaz Photo AI, it is send back to Photoshop Lightroom.
From now on Photoshop Lightroom cannot recognize the GPS data metadata anymore.
If I you use an external browser to look into the metadata of image, then it looks like a
CR LF between the rest of the metadata and the GPS metadata.
If I then export the picture as jpg out of Photoshop Lightroom the GPS matadata a totally gone.

I modified the test case by using Topaz DeNoise AI 3.7.2 instead of Topaz Photo AI 1.3.7.
In this case, the GPS matadata are still correctly available and visible in Photoshop Lightroom after editing in Topaz DeNoise.


Thank you for your prompt replay.

I can confirm that File > Plug-In Extras > Process with Topaz Photo AI does preserve the GPS coordinates in the dng file it creates.

Can I ask that an enhancement to preserve GPS coordinates in the tiff file **Photo > Edit In > Topaz Photo AI ** creates be considered?

As the comment below indicates Photo > Edit In > Topaz De-Noise AI (3.7.2) does preserve GPS Coordinates in the tiff file it creates


I will pass this along to the team! I’m uncertain if this information can be carried over in Lightroom’s TIFF creation process, but I’ll double check with them.

Hi Preston,

could you please comment my GPS problem scenario (see above)?

Notice the Tiff which is transferred from Lightroom to Photo AI contains correct metadata including GPS data. After editing and saving in Photo AI the metadata including the GPS data are still in the Tiff file, but now corrupted. It looks like an empty line between the Lens metadata and the GPS metadata. This is the problem for Lightroom caused by Photo AI.
It’s not a Ligthroom workflow problem, because the same workflow invoking DeNoise AI or Sharpen AI delivering a modified Tiff file with correct metadata including correct GPS data.

An additional test without a Ligthroom workflow on a Windows 10 Pro environment. I opened Photo Ai by clicking on Photo AI icon. Then dragged the Tiff file on the Photo AI canvas. I edited and saved the image (Tiff). Result: The metadata are corrupted as described above.

We reached out to Lightroom about this issue. The empty line between the Lens metadata and GPS metadata is not causing the problem.

We are waiting for Adobe to get back to us. The metadata copy is the same as the original. Photoshop picks up the GPS data without issue, so only Lightroom is not reading the data correctly.

Hi Lingyu,

thanks for the feedback.

I am still wondering why the same image modified by DeNoiseAI or SharpenAI shows GPS data,

but modified with PhotoAI doesn’t show any GPS data in Lightroom.




I have to agree with Kurt. As Topaz can preserve GPS data in Denoise Ai and Sharpen AI it seems that it must be an issue for Topaz not Lightroom.

When sending an image to Topaz Photo Ai (**Photo > Edit In > Topaz Photo AI **)it first of all writes a copy that to teh lightroom library and after doing its stuff writes back to that copy destroying the GPS data.

That I believe is the same mechanism used by Denoise and Sharpen except they don’t destroy the GPS data. It strikes me as very odd to reinvent a worse writing process in Photo Ai rather than reuse the successful process used by denoise and sharpen.

Admittedly my system development knowledge is now rusty but I have spent the last 50+ years in IT , much of that in systems development and the principles surely remain the same.

Topaz Photo AI uses a different metadata writer that is better than the individual applications.

If you need the GPS data to appear, Lightroom has a setting in the Catalog Settings > Metadata menu that can get the GPS data to display correctly. Make sure “Automatically write changes into XMP” is checked.


I have "Automatically write changes into XMP” checked, and have done for some considerable time… But still the GPS data from the Topaz Photo AI process tiff is still missing. Can you look at the different metadata writer and see why it is not doing as well as the previous one , at least in respect of preserving GPS metadata.

Yes, I’ve made a task for my team to review this and we are still waiting on Lightroom to get back to us as well.

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