Disk access error when processing

File access issue when attempting to process video file. File “imports” just fine but when processing an export of that file an error occurs that suggests that whole disk access has not been enabled when in fact it has (per the system preferences switches). This occurs with both system storage and external drive storage. Software has been reloaded, preference files deleted but same result. Attached is the error message and the logs for support.

logsForSupport.zip (53.3 KB)

This is a permissions issue;
Make sure that the export path you are writing out to is readable and writable by Topaz Video AI and that the path exists. Try adding Video AI to the list of apps with ‘Full Disk Access’ in the macOS System Settings and restarting the app after: If this does not work,do a clean install which should reset the app’s permissions.

  1. Uninstall Topaz Video AI by dragging and dropping the app into the trash bin
  2. Delete the plist files & empty the trash bin
    How To Delete Your Plist Files
  3. Reboot your Mac
  4. Reinstall the app.

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