Dione DV and TV models have a deinterlacing bug - horizontal line artifacts

Using Dione DV and TV models to deinterlace and upscale DVD content frequently results in horizontal line artifacts in the output such as below, when using the following settings: IN: 720x480 (0.91:1 SAR) @ 29.97 FPX >OUT> 1920x1080 Original Pixel Type, Letterbox, 59.94 (2x Deinterlaced) – using DDV or DTV on interlaced telecine content, no add noise, no additional enhancements. These scan line artifacts seem to typically occur on telecined DVD content. Changing the output pixel type from “original” to “square” resolves the line artifacts…however…doing this makes the processing time 4 times longer. What was 6-7 hours can take up to 24 hours…so the model really needs a de-comb filter or something.
System profile is in my acct information.

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