Did something just change? Over 1 day to enhance videos that took 3 hours yesterday w/ same profile?

I JUST did the update this morning. V. 3.1.10
I went to use the profile that I created and have been using all week to slightly upscale and cleanup some old Anime VCD’s that I have. Normally takes no more than 3-4 hours for a full length movie with this profile.
I loaded up the next one on my list and I’m using the same profile… The video is 960x720 30fps… To upscale to 1280x940, Apollo frame Interpolation with Proteus AI Model and Grain, RTX 2080 Super using max 3 processes… 1 day 15 hours??? Like I said I’ve been using this profile all week… :scream::thinking:

Is there a way to roll back?


The first post. As always.

Can you please reach out to support directly? I will need your full dxdiag and your logs!