Denoise Model V.2

Cannot find / select Denise Model V.2.
On the other hand, Sharpening Model V.2 is available (and impressive).
Why is that?

Are you talking about Remove Noise - Raw or non-Raw?

We released two new Remove Noise - Raw models, and a Sharpen - Standard v2 model.

RAW (Fujifilm RAF, lossless compressed, camera model X-S20, which is supported according to publicly available information). Computer: Macbook with M1 Apple Silicon. Stand alone use of Topaz.
As explained, for sharpening the new model (Standard v2) is selectable (and nice, at first glance), but for remove noise, no new model is selectable. Respectively, if you click on the “I” in a circle, it is stated that Raw Models “Raw Normal” and “Raw Strong” are available, but the app never gave the option to select “strong”. Maybe my images do not have enough noise (:smile:). But this is not the point. According to publicly available information, I have expected that a “v2” would also be selectable in “Remove Noise”. Misunderstanding?

Ah I see. If you are using a Fujifilm X-Trans camera then the Remove Noise - Raw models are not available.

We train our Raw models with Bayer sensor data. We do not have a special model for the X-Trans sensor unfortunately so it uses our Remove Noise - Linear Raw model which is not as good for noise reduction.

I would recommend converting the Raw to a TIF and then processing the TIF for better noise reduction.

I am adding this information to our documentation for other users to be aware of.

Dear Lingyu

Thanks for the reply.

Too bad to hear that about the X-Trans sensor.

That is the first bad news I hear about or from Topaz Photo AI. And this is not a minor point, quite the opposite.
Just days before v2 came out, I invested in a better Fujifilm camera body, and then this. If I only had known this before, then I might have decided differently, maybe switched to a Bayer sensor type camera.

Appreciate that Topaz will publicly document this now, but too late for me.

There is one thing I do not understand. The „old“ Model works quite well with the X-Trans sensor images, at least considerably better than the present No Noise AI of On1 Photo Raw 2023, or C1 Express for Fujifilm, or other apps I tried ( I have never compared with Lightroom, or DXO, but might be forced to do that in the future).

But OK, you said the „old“ model is „linear“. And the new model apparently is something else, apparently something non linear. I do not pretend that I have sufficient technical knowledge to understand this, however.

No hope that this sensor will ever be supported by the new Remove Noise Model, respectively a variation of the same?
Is the market share of Fujifilm just too minor for making this effort?

Kind regards,

Thomas Meili

The data in a Bayer color filter array looks like this:

The data in an X-Trans sensor is like this:

It would require us to train an entirely new machine learning model specifically for this different sensor as the data is different. This training is research intensive and may require a whole new approach. We haven’t dedicated time yet to explore the option.

It would be great if we could support it in the near future. At the moment, there are other tasks which are higher priority.

I hope that helps.