Denoise AI v 2

I just got prompted to download version 2 of Denoise. I don’t see anything about it on Topaz’s web site. What is new about version 2? Is it more optimization of the AI algorithms?

I did find a different process here to download version 2 is described where in Windows you delete the Denoise folder. Does this mean you can’t install it from starting the earlier version Denoise?

To me it seems strange the instructions do not suggest an uninstall via the Windows Control Panel. I wonder if the new install will keep Registry values, etc. Me, I’m going to wait until uninstall instructions are confirmed/clarified.

I loaded the old version to discover that … no update despite the email

I’ve just followed the instruction on the email, it has now installed a BETA version which when called from PSCC reports a launch error and then crashes Photoshop. Suggest you all wait for a fix before installing this :frowning:

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Does anybode know if this also was updated in Studio - that’s where I use the denoiser. Haven’t noticed any updates recently?

Same for me BigT, but also a second version in another folder which launches and works fie. I have successfully added it as a plug in to PSCC.

Wraae, I no longer have it showing up in Studio 2.

You win some, you lose some :roll_eyes:

Adds a BETA stand-alone plugin to PS which I can confirm crashes PS.

Here was where I saw the instructions to simply delete the Denoise folder and install version 2. This all seems so strange and I’m skeptical updating when I’ve been happy with what I’m using now. It’s encouraging to see others are also a bit perplexed by this.

I see Topaz did send a notice out by email but it went to my Promotions box in gmail - not my inbox so I didn’t see it at first. It seems the biggest advances are to do batch processing and something to eliminate Chroma noise. And they give the instructions shown on the link above…

I installed v2 before getting the email. just to be sure, I uninstalled both, then reinstalled v2. Working fine, both as a stand-alone, and a PS plugin, on my MacBook.

I followed the instructions to delete the Denoise directory and then installed v2. It’s working as a standalone program but it’s not showing as a plug-in in Studio v1 (on a Win10 system)

Agreed, do not download the update, it doesn’t work!! 10/ 10 Topaz

Why the hell they’re saying remove the old version via Windows Explorer rather than via the Windows App removal makes no sense?


I’ve just managed to submit a ticket on this issue so we’ll see what happens.

2 other points; on the website it now says effect removal via the Windows App removal tool and not the nonsense of deleting files via Explorer.

The other point I’d make which is significant is that this relase downloads as Beta without any warning which is not acceptable. If I’m heading for a Beta download I want to be told so its my choice whether to proceed or not.

Not impressed.


followed instructions, now it won’t even open. not happy! wrote to support hours ag and no reply whatsoever yet

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@BobL Hi Bob, TS 1 is no longer doing any updating, TS 2 is the current version and DeNoise should be installed as a plugin.

When I opened up DeNoise v1.3.3 I saw an update window, when I clicked on it, the window disappeared and nothing happened. So I went and checked on updates and got the same window as Terry, “Updates Not Available”. I think I will wait before I do anything, not sure if I should do an uninstall

I agree with your suggestion for people to wait until Topaz gets off their behinds and gets this fixed. Shame on them for not stating that this version is BETA.
In the meantime, if you want to get to it from Photoshop select Studio 2 and then select Plugins and then Denoise AI. That will take you to this new 2.0 version.

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AdjustAI, DenoiseAI and SharpenAI all greyed out in my TS2 plug-in list, @Ricci (but I do have licences for them)

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Raw Library Seems Lik e Version in Previously Version. So Now Going Direct to JPEG

Three things here:

  1. You must uninstall the previous version before installing v2.
  2. It is not a beta version.
  3. You need to wait for Studio to be updated for the plugin to appear there.

Note the update notification, in this case, warns you there id’s an update available. You should follow the instructions in the email announcement you recieved.

Topaz ( Ben Balmaceda) updated his instructions to now use Windows Add/Remove Programs to uninstall. Windows 10 gives this option through the Control Panel app. Given other observations about the limited new features (e.g., batch processing) I’m going to wait.