DeNoise AI causing color shifts

(Jack) #1

With future updates, please do not get rid of AI Clear. Denoise AI creates major color shifts for me. AI Clear works great!

(Colboy) #2

As a hobby (& very much part-time at that) Photographer, would you be able to explain for me, briefly & simply, what you mean by “Color Shifts”? I downloaded DeNoise AI about 24 hours ago & have since processed in it, 3 Bracketed Photos (-2, 0, +2) of a scene just as the sun set. Each file output to Dng looks around 2 Stops brighter & the colors, more richer (for want of a better word/phrase), what I would expect after merging to HDR (which is what I plan to do with them).

(Jack) #3

The top image is the original RAW (NEF) file. The bottom image which is all washed out is the dng file after applying Denoise AI. This kind of color shift applies to anything run through Denoise AI.

This last file is the NEF file with AI Clear applied. This is infinitely better than Denoise AI. That’s why I don’t want to lose it.