Denoise AI and Sharpen AI Showing In PSP Plugin List

The last Studio 2 update added Adjust AI, DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI as plugins. In Studio 2 it correctly shows that I own Adjust AI and the other two are greyed out.

I use Topaz products as Paint Shop Pro plugins. DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI are now showing up in my list of PSP Topaz plugins. I don’t know why because I’ve never downloaded them for free trials. Even if I had and uninstalled them they would have been automatically removed from my plugin list.

I checked my program files and they haven’t magically appeared on my computer. My final test was clicking on Denoise AI to see what happened. I got the message there was an error executing the plugin and I had to get out of it by using Esc.

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That will happen if you are using the Studio 2 folder as a source for PSP plugins, I am not sure what OS you are on but in Windows change the plugin source to a folder of your choice, or if there is a separate folder for plugins in the PSP, after copying the plugin to that folder. The plugin can be found here (windows):

  • “-DiskId-:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio 2\PS_Plugins”
  • And the plugin to copy is: "tltopazstudio2ps.8bf

This is not a bug, just that the architecture of Studio has changed. But remember to update the plugin each time that Studio 2 is updated.

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I’ve found everything you mentioned but I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

  1. What I did. Allowed Studio 2 to be installed in Program Files/Topaz Labs (the folder where other Topaz products like Glow and Texture Effects are located). I then added it as a plugin using PSP’s File Preferences.

  2. Corel created a folder in My Documents called My PSP Files. It includes a subfolder called Plugins where other plugins are located.

  3. Am I supposed to leave all the Studio 2 folders in Program Files/Topaz Labs, copy tltopazstudio2ps.8bf into the My PSP Files/Plugin folder and then add it as a plugin from there with File Preferences?

PS: I didn’t get this kind of problem with Studio 1. I don’t own Detail. It doesn’t show up as greyed out in the list of Studio 1 plugins and it was never added as a phantom plugin in PSP either.

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That would be the better solution.

I suspect that the plugins for DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI are in place in the My PSP Files/Plugins folder. These file names will be in that folder and can be deleted, note there may be two other plugin files of the same name without the _X64 in the name and they can be deleted:

  • tltopazdenoiseaips_x64.8bf
  • tltopazsharpenaips_x64.8bf

I can understand what PSP does as it will copy the plugin files over to the folder in My Documents but, unlike Studio 2, it doesn’t know they aren’t installed so it will attempt to start them.

Note that the tltopazstudio2ps.8bf or tltopazstudio2ps_x64.8bf file needs to remain in the My PSP Files folder along with the adjust plugin, either tltopazadjustaips.8bf or tltopazadjustaips_x64.8bf file, whichever is there.

There are no Topaz 8bf files in My PSP Files/Plugins folder. When I want to add a Topaz product as a plugin I go to Preferences/click the Plugin option/ click on Add and then go to Program Files/Topaz Labs and click on the folder for the new product.

PSP doesn’t automatically copy anything to My PSP Files/Plugins. The ones in there were downloaded to the Downloads folder and moved there manually. There won’t be any Topaz 8bf files in there unless I put them there myself.

I went back to Program Files/Topaz Labs/Studio 2/PS_Plugins and the 8bf files for Studio 2, Adjust A!, Adjust Denoise and Adjust Sharpen AI are in this folder. They are also in the PS_Plugins_x64 folder.

Can’t I just make sure I’ve got backup copies of the 8bf files for Studio 2 and Adjust AI and then delete the unwanted 8bf files from the Program Files/Topaz Labs/Studio 2/PS_Plugins and and PS_Plugins_64 folders because I really don’t need to have any Topaz 8bf files in the My PSP Files/Plugins folder.

Sure just make sure you keep the Topaz Studio 2 & Adjust AI as you own these products. Hope there will be no issue in Topaz Studio 2 as I did what I expect you to do, delete the Sharpen & DeNoise Plugins, and the Sharpen & DeNoise were just greyed out in Studio

Phantom PSP plugins gone. Thank you for the help

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AiDon- to have to update the plug-in each time there is a Studio 2 update is ridiculous- architecture of Studio 2 needs changed.


I have passed this on but I suggest you also raise a support request at the main website.

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Got Denoise AI to work in PSP by removing Studio 2 from File locations.
However, opening Denoise AI in Studio 2 crahes program. Strangely Adjust AI works fine.
Others with same and other plug-in issues- Topaz Studio 2 v 2.0.11 Plug in issue - #2 by yac1066