Topaz Studio 2 v 2.0.11 Plug in issue

This version has seen the addition of Adjust AI and Sharpen AI being able to be used as plugins.

It should have also seen Denoise AI being used as a plugin, but whilst Denoise AI is in the list of plugins, selecting it opens Sharpen AI, not Denoise AI.

I guess that will get fixed fairly quickly, but I’m also disappointed that the other Topaz products that can be used in Studio 1 aren’t included in Studio 2.

Support Request 189658 Raised


on macOS
Adjust AI open Adjust AI
Sharpen AI open Sharpen AI
Denoise AI open Denoise AI

For me it’s ok TS2.0.11

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Yes, I believe this issue may only apply to the Windows version

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Denoise AI plug-in shuts Studio2 down, Adjust AI works fine on my machine, Windows Ver.

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Same here, Studio2 shuts down on launch of Denoise AI plugin, using Win 10.



OK, my request #189658 covered selecting DeNoise AI opening Sharpen AI on Windows 10, not causing Studio 2 to close down. That’s not happening on my installation. Maybe worth raising support tickets for the shutdown problem with details of your particular installations.



Selecting DeNoiseAI does not shut down for me…just opens SharpenAI (like Greyfox).

Apparently, someone cut/paste their code and no one checked it.


Same problem- Denoise AI crashes Studio 2 and Adjust AI works fine.
Since apparently a bug nothing we can do on our own to fix it.

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The issue where the Studio 2 plugin link to Denoise AI was opening Sharpen AI has been fixed, at least for my installation on Windows 10 pro by the update 2.0.12. The three AI plugins all now open correctly from Studio 2.