Denoise AI 2.2.1 and later update - 2nd try

I tried to post on this topic but the answer I was given shows my question was not understood and the thread was then locked so I have to bring it up again.

Like I said I downloaded version 2.2.1 on Saturday = May 30 so this is after the date 2.2.0 was made available (May 27). Since yesterday afternoon (June 1) I get an update announcement in Denoise AI saying an update is available but I can’t find any information on this post 2.2.1 update.

Please read my question more carefully as I’m wondering what has been changed since 2.2.1

2.2.2 was launched yesterday - details in the download topic:

I read it carefully, Read that thread the first post …

It says …



  • Fixed Low Noise model not working properly when using GPU.
  • Fixed the Remove Noise slider on the DeNoise AI model going to 0 instead of 15 when setting it back to default.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the Low Light tooltip.


  • Fixed calibration not working when using the AI Clear model.
  • Fixed low light model not being appended when append model name is turned on.
  • Fixed 50% zoom not working correctly on Mac
  • Fixed “Noise” being listed twice on the file list view

That makes sense that 2.2.2 was released yesterday as I was working in that window before and just after release. I guess online they don’t indicate that the version is up to 2.2.2 - it still shows 2.2.0. This is confusing. So what is new in 2.2.2. versus 2.2.1? The auto updater being part of the program?