Dark mode stopped working?

My normal dark mode for the web site is not working today. Logged in/out, but didn’t help.

I did have a Win-11 auto-update over night; no other changes afaik.

Dark mode (ie not all-white page background) working for anyone?

It stopped working for me after the site update. I had to go into the site interface preferences and change the theme to something else, save it, then change it back.

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Good catch. No joy for me; it doesn’t resolve my issue. Tried the re-save, another browser & login/logout, but still can’t get dark mode back. My eyes, my eyes! :sunglasses:

I found that disable “Enable automatic dark mode color scheme” fix the problem. (Win 11 Pro)
Hope it help :grinning:



Currently, the material-dark theme have set to a wrong class “light-scheme”.
And the begley-light theme have set to class “dark-scheme”.

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That worked, thanks! :+1: