Coupon code not working?

I got an email an hour ago about a coupon code, $72 for 72 hours. I tried to make a purchase and on the third try it seemed to work and then i got the message that it was no longer available and was removed from my order. I have no idea how to fix this.

Edit: The code seems to have worked. Tried to pay, but now its 524 timeout error

Edit2: The payment went through, but no indication of an activation code in the email.

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I also received this email; if it’s real, I don’t understand why the code has now been deactivated.

If it was some sort of hack, I think that Topaz Labs should send an email to all its customers explaining what happened.

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I did get it to go through, but now I can’t get the payment to be accepted.

I also got to the checkout page, but it never would complete (server overload, I assumed).

But then it changed to say that the 72CASH code was no longer valid.

Either way, Topaz Labs should communicate with its customers about this.

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Check your order history page.

The coupon is showing as being applied in my cart although I haven’t tried to order yet.

Can anyone please confirm whether purchasing an upgrade/renewal adds 12 months to my current active upgrade time (in my case making it Nov '25) or would it just reset the 12 months to expire in Feb next year?


Edit: If anyone else is wondering the same, I bit the bullet and went for it anyway. Can confirm it adds a further 12 months to your current time.

Not working…

“Error processing checkout. Please try again.”,
“Internal Server Error”
“Gateway Time-out”
“Sorry, it seems the coupon “72cash” is invalid - it has now been removed from your order.”

Where do you enter the coupon code?
I don’t see a field for such a code in my cart…

Same issue here. Either the code is accepted but my renewal is dropped from the order, or the renewal remains and I get a notice that the code is not valid. Tried several ways of placing the order. And on a related note - there isn’t a place to enter a coupon code during checkout? Apparently, the code has to be passed via URL parameter? Strange for cart software.

Thanks, that answers my question. I already started to think I was too dumb…

It’s in the mail:

Click “Shop + Cash” in email.
“72CASH” auto applied at checkout.
72 hours only.

I didn’t see an email - maybe I accidentally deleted it?
You don’t have the URL for me vie PM?

I’m after placing my order probably 20 times now by PayPal and Apple Pay. Each time the site fails to process the order. I’m half expecting to have a max out credit card.

But now the code doesn’t work, support has been telling me to wait another few hours (again after waiting) which is kinda ridiculous considering the promo is time limited.

At this point, they’d be better off sending me an invoice for the amount to be paid and renewing my order.

Someone didn’t plan out this promotion very well with having proper CDN resources in place.

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My order went through, but the email I got didn’t have a product attached.

I just check my order history page as you suggested and I found the invoice for my renew upgrade and asking me to pay it.

So I clicked pay and finally was able to get it processed fully.

I didn’t get an email from Topaz, I got one from PayPal and my product page has been updated with the new renew date.

You should t get an activation code though. You should have the product on your My Products page. Then you install it, and once you run the program, you should be able to login using your account details for the site. That’s how they do it with Video AI.

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I contacted support and they say they’re still having problems with their servers due to the high volume of traffic. Hopefully they can fix this by tomorrow.

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Guess we’re all being a bit to impatient with this “to good to be true” offer and wanted it done incase Topaz labs changes their mind… :smile:

I guess you could call this a testament to the human psyche. We have 72 hours to shop, but still manages to "take down the site during the first hours of the offer going live.

this worked for me, thanks!

It failed most of the day but I had left the payment page up. This evening, it processed the order. I extended my Photo AI subscription for another year for $27!

Just get in touch with support and they will check it out for you.

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