Coupon code not working?

I sent them a message and they replied promptly telling me to try again.
The coupon code still didn’t appear to work at first, but I looked into my orders and there was an uncompleted order with the $72 coupon code discount applied.
I went and opened that order and then completed the payment (which somehow must not have been processed correctly) and it went though and the software license was renewed and updated all with the discount correctly applied.

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Slightly off topic, but did everyone get the 72cash offer?

Wasn’t gonna upgrade Gigapixel, but for $7 it’s kind of hard to stay away from…

Edit: seems everyone did get it and that we’re all crashing the store from trying to use it. I’m on the order confirmation page, and it’s just “spinning” :laughing:

Edit 2:
That didn’t go so well.

Guess I’ll have to check with support what happened…


Yes, I got a Topaz email about 72CASH also. It doesn’t work? I wonder if it was a real email from Topaz or phishing?

Anyone been able to use 72CASH?

Seems legit:

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 7.18.06 PM

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So many people are using it that the servers are overloaded and there may be a wait to process. For example:
then fill out your payment details and click place order …

Mine finally went through…

I suppose the hour helps us on the European side of the pond that are just getting up. :laughing:

Okay, glad to hear it is working. My Gigapixel AI year expired and I don’t really care much about getting it renewed since Photo AI includes the uprez also. My Photo AI expires in November 2024. I suppose there is no way to use the 72CASH to extend it to November 2025, right? I cannot see a way. Too bad. If I can do that I would gladly pay the $79 - 72 = $7. :grinning:

Ahhh, but you’ll be right in the sweet spot of being able to get a Black Friday deal that will be even better for you as a loyal customer in November - yes??? :wink:

Me I’m just thinking that the way things seem to be going the €6,82 EUR that I paid to get another year of Gigapixel is just about what I feel I want to spend on continuing being a guinea pig for that project.

At least it is a cheap way of taking a tour through all the possible emotions that one can experience - and for a year at that! :rofl:

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Same here, got the purchase email (after several attempts) and checked the bank, topaz payment going through, but the email receipt states the $27 payment but doesn’t show any product purchase, it seems that I spent $27 and got nothing, no product, no upgrade , authentication code etc.

I’ve messaged Topaz support (won’t be on here till 3pm UK time I guess).

Opening Topaz on the desktop, it asks for the authentic process and that asks me for another $99 upgrade payment but it does include the $72 discount which I thought I just spent the voucher on. Strange days!

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Went back and checked… what happens if you click the little Question Mark next to the current date on your product page?
When I do that I get sent to the option of adding one more year… shouldn’t that give you one full year, and not only a year from today? Don’t thin you’d get it for only $7 though as the normal upgrade price is $99 but $27 isn’t that bad either…

When I do that it takes me to a page that shows this. Not an upgrade, but instead as if buying it new.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 191259

And if you scroll down a bit? The page is a bit long…
I went all the way down, clicked on the button to get to the next step.

I already spent my $72 so my screenshot is from the full price.

I tried umpteen times last night. Came back this morning and the offer was still there, it failed again and has now vanished.

Once again people not thinking stuff through or preparing I imagine.

Okay, I went to the My Products part and it listed the new order there, so I clicked the buy button and it went through from there.

Worth a try!

Yes, you are right. Thank you.

Okay, I now see $99, but not $79 like I was sort of expecting. :slight_smile: Got 1 additional year for $27.

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So, contacting support did work :+1:
And while I couldn’t justify prolonging my support of TPAI before, another year for 27 bucks is of course more than worth it.

So, back to testing where the journey is heading to…


coupon in the email never worked for me, i just clicked to see if it was going to work, had no intentions to upgrade since features havent been added that have been asked for in past by community. Well no surprise, coupon didnt work. Im starting to become disappointed with how things are handled at topaz now. Also it been 3 years since the original request was placed for a pause and resume after a pc crash feature was asked for and we are told its on the roadmap for three years yet they keep trying to redo the interface vs the important requests people have asked for. Because of this, i will no longer renew until pause and resume after crash feature has been added. I had a post about this where over a 180 people agreed, clearly this is something everyone wants, and the post was merged with other pause resume post requests and then that merge post was retired by topaz. It is beginning to feel like topaz is ignoring the community and beta tester requests. The upgrades used to be $79.99 and this year it went up to $149. In the past i upgraded the last two years but no longer will i continue especially when past community requests arent being added. I got an email on a complete layout change and im like wth nothing is wrong with the layout, there are more important bugs and requests that were asked, im not paying an upgrade especially a higher fee for these lackluster updates. Topaz has gotten greedy and taking the easy way out .