Corrupted audio/video output using Iris model, fine with Dione

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v3.4.3 on Mac Ultra m1

I have some episodes rips from purchased DVDs that encode correctly using Dione. Using Iris, the encode finishes but the video has issues. Previews have the same video issues. Please see attached screenshot. For DS9 the audio is fine but the whole of every video frame is like the screenshot. For Magnum PI only portions of every frame are messed up but there is no audio. The output plays with no complain in VLC but of course the video is not usable.

I’m able to encode other show episodes using Iris that were not ripped directly from DVD, which are already in mp4 format, and the output is great. I ran the DS9 episode through handbrake with h265 output and tried encoding that with TVAI and it had the exact same issue as in the screenshot.

Happy to supply my system profile and logs, but it’s unclear if they’ll be generally avaiable on the forum if I attach them to this post and I’d prefer not to have any PII which may be included in them posted on the forum.


Hello, you can send us a note at so that our team could take a closer look at this bug. Thanks!

Resolved in 3.5. Thanks for the quick response!