Copy Audio Partially working - Bug?

Hello Topaz Community!

I am working on upscaling some old DVD concert videos. I have ripped my source DVDs and converted the VOB files to MKV in handbrake to de-interlace and add chapters and audio tracks (surround and stereo). I have my audio settings set to “Copy.”

Expected behavior: Both Preview and Video Export would copy ALL audio tracks when “Copy” audio setting is used.

Actual behavior:

When I preview output in TVAI 3.0.12 both audio tracks (Surround and Stereo) from my source MKV files remain.

However, when i export with the “Copy” Audio function enabled I only get the first audio track (Surround) within the TVAI output file.

Why doesn’t the export function behave as the preview copying all audio tracks? Am I doing something wrong? I would expect copy would fully copy audio tracks instead of partially. Is this a bug?

Appreciate any guidance here. Thanks in advance!


Strange that in “preview” mode it copies you all the audio tracks of your original MKV, while converting the video leaves you only the first track!

However, I can answer you in part:
because simply the program still needs to be optimized for handling video files with multiple audio tracks present at the same time on the same video file… in fact it is inconceivable to me that the possibility to choose at least the audio track to be converted has not yet been added to the program GUI.

In fact, this is precisely why I created an official request to add this feature:

Thanks for sharing that link. I voted for that feature as I agree it should be available by default. Do you know if that feature has been prioritized?

The main feature that is still missing is to copy multiple audio tracks.
My files have at least 2 tracks of which english is the first, but not the main language for me.
All TV/DVD/BR sources have multiple audio tracks of which only the first one (mostly english) is copied.
Editing all video after Topaz video AI is no fun.

Please add that all audio files can be copied. Subtitles would be a bonus but not needed.
Or at least let us choose which language is copied

Otherwise video AI is rock stable and a joy. Even runs solid on a 7 day 4k 60hz conversion.

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@tobias what if you select “Copy” instead of transcode or Auto? does it do anything?


All the same with copy/auto, only the first audio track is copied, all others are lost.

Hello everyone,

We’re currently working on implementing options for audio track selection which would allow the ‘Copy’ mode to carry over all of the audio tracks from imported videos. We hope to have this out in an update soon!


FINALLY!!! Thanks a lot…

I also hope that there will come in the future the ability not only to choose the audio track (or multiple audio tracks) that you want to convert, but also to choose the AAC quality in constant (or variable) bitrate, and that there will be management of multichannel audio tracks (such as 5.1 or 7.1) as there is in Handbrake!

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Yes, resolved. Thank you. Multiple audio tracks on the input file are now copied.

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Just one more thing:

All audio tracks are being copied, but not their name. Thought someone would have mentioned it already, but it still is an issue.
Audio tracks here are multiple languages like EN-DE-FR-ES---- and so on.
Several languages with sometimes multiple audio track per language.
Topaz outputs them all as english, which is an issue because I dont know which of the tracks is my language. My media player cannot set the correct language since all tracks are labeled englisch.
The correct audio track names are lost.

Thx if you have time fixing this.

The lastest Alpha also still has this little bug of renaming all audio tracks to english.
Would be nice if you had time time fixing this. Until then I will wait rendering my files with multiple audio tracks.

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