Convert B&W to Color Ai

It would be great to take B&W films and add some kind of color effect…just if you get normal skin tones…the rest does not matter as much.

That would be a great model to have.

There are numerous software solutions out there that do this.
Just dont expect great results if your source is poor.

Dude. When he asks for such feature in this software, he does not want to go all over the Internet, trying these crappy online services. Show some respect to people who suggest new features and waste their time on it.


I would really like to see Topaz offer AI colorization software, either as a separate program or an “add-on” to VEAI. I recently tried (via trial) a commercial “AI” colorization software and the results were quite subpar. The software took forever and the results were a sloppy, horrendous mess. I recently watched a short clip of a Full HD colorization of Casablanca that looked quite good. That kind of quality would be very welcome and I would have no problem paying a fair price for it.
There are so many good TV shows and movies that would benefit from colorization, which with the computing capability available today, should be so much better than it was years ago.
If Topaz is interested in doing software like this, I would be happy to sign up as a beta tester!

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Yeah I think getting skin tones is realistic. Most other colors would just be a guess.
Worse, you can’t easily train an AI model by converting color movies to black and white, because several movie sets and costumes were designed and colored to look good in black and white, but look out of place or incorrect in color. I could double check that, but I seem to remember reading that somewhere years ago.

If I were going to do it, I would start with something like the pilot episode of Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, which was filmed in color but shown in black and white, see if the AI could ‘learn’ from that. And from the 2nd and subsequent seasons which were filmed and shown in color. See what it could do on the first season and go from there. Lots of other mid-60s TV shows in similar situations, Wild Wild West, Man From UNCLE, Lost In Space…I think even Gilligan’s Island and the Beverly Hillbillies had some early seasons in B&W and later seasons in color. If the software could “learn” from the color episodes and apply properly to the B&W episodes…you might have something there. I agree that getting skin tones right is important. The other stuff – I would not care about (perceived) accuracy as much as consistency. I would want to see the same “color” applied to the same outfit without significant variation from scene to scene. There are so many good “old” shows and movies in B&W that would get new life with color applied. And, I would think that such software could possibly be used to “correct” color with faded or damaged films.

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