Clicking Preview Button (or Ctrl-P) does nothing

In v3.2.0, pressing the Preview button does nothing. Installed several times, but same.
Went back to v3.1.10 where it works.

Hi @robjj-89245, apologies for the delay here, seems we lost track of this post while reorganizing our forum tags – are you still experiencing this behavior in the latest version of Topaz Video AI?

Let us know, we’ll be much quicker to respond moving forward :slight_smile:

In prior versions, when you clicked on the Preview button, the preview details would open up even when the Output Export filter was on and the Output Preview filter was off. In subsequent versions, the preview details do not open up when you click the preview button when only the Output Export filter is set. I forgot I had set that filter, and when I pressed the preview button, nothing happened it seemed. The preview was actually being processed, but the details were hidden.

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I am facing this issue as well. It suddenly started 2 days ago probably on the heels of an update.
I think the the 1st install run works well, post which previews dont work. Clicking it does nothing. The export option works. Also the UI also is very unresponsive the second time.

Have used it Topaz Video AI for close to a year, this is the first time that I have felt it really broken enough for me to come here and add a comment.

This could be because the tab selection on the encoding menu is set to ‘Export’. Switching this option to ‘All Outputs’ should make preview progress visible alongside full file exports.

You are right. I am so stupid.