Chvrches - KEXP at Doug Fir, Portland, Oregon, USA (1080p47.952fps) enhancement

Here’s my enhanced and doubled framerate version of Chvrches gig at KEXP in 2013.
It was recorded by radio station KEXP and was on Youtube for many years, but recently removed. It’s on 1337x so if you live in some place that locks you up for visiting a torrent site, you may not want to click:
Chvrches - 2013-09-05 KEXP at Doug Fir, Portland, Oregon, USA (1080p47.952fps)
File size: 4440MB
Overall bit rate: 22800Kbps
Video: AVC1 High@L4.2 (H264) 1920x1080p 16:9 47.952fps 22700Kbps
Audio: AAC LC 44.1KHz 2 channel 254Kbps

The original is here if you want to compare:
Chvrches - 2013-09-05 KEXP, Doug Fir, Portland, Oregon (1080p YT2014)
File size: 835MB
Overall bit rate: 4178Kbps
Video: Firefox + Flashgot plugin > AVC1 Main@L4 (H264) 1920x1080p 16:9 23.976fps 3921Kbps
Audio: Firefox + Flashgot plugin > AAC LC 44.1KHz stereo 254Kbps
Streams joined with My MP4Box GUI.

Enhancement details:
This was captured from Youtube in 2014 at 0.79 Bits/(Pixel*Frame) and is not representative of the results of a video captured today (bitrates in 2014 were double what they are now). Regardless, the process is the same if you want to try to fix a recently captured Youtube video.

Audio: .mp4 -> MkvMerge -> .mkv -> MkvExtract -> .aac

Video: .mp4 -> in Virtualdub2: Avisynth with DGDecodeNV -> Lagarith .avi -> VEAI 1.8.0 ArtemisMQv9 200% -> .png sequence -> in Virtualdub2: Avisynth with ImageSource,Spline64Resize,SVPFlow,CAS,vsMSharpen to x264 -> .mp4

VEAI 1.6.1 Gaia-CG was also tried but Artemis MQv9 had a bit more detail.

Software: Virtualdub2, Avisynth, DGDecodeNV, Lagarith, Video Enhance AI 1.6.1 and 1.8.0, SVPFlow, CAS, x264, vsMSharpen, Mp4Box + My MP4Box GUI, MkvMerge, MkvExtract.

Avisynth scripts (opened in Virtualdub2):
DGSource(“ckexpYT2014.dgi”, deinterlace=0)

Save as Lagarith:

In VEAI 1.8.0:
run2 ArtemisMQv9 3840x2160 200% cropoff

In Virtualdub2 and Avisynth:
vectors=SVAnalyse(super, “{}”)
SVSmoothFps(super, vectors, “{}”, mt=1)
vsMSharpen(threshold=6.0, strength=40.0, mask=false, luma=true, chroma=true)

x264 Slower Film High L4.2 YUV 4:2:0 SAR 1/1 ABR 22742Kbps

Remux .mp4 and .aac with MkvMerge to .mkv.