Chronos Models not Working

  1. So, VAI 5.0.4 says Error when i try to use a Chronos Model. i have tried selecting it directly from the Frame Interpolation Menu and Also from the “Jittery Motion” option in the Stabilization Menu which uses Chronos Fast

  2. My system Profile
    DxDiag.txt (82.7 KB)

  3. Logs (35.0 KB)

  4. Any screenshots as necessary

Your system is very under specced with just 12gb system memory and a 2gb GT710 GPU.

Also you have very small SSD’s and you main C drive has just 40gb of free space.

Your system is way too underpowered to run the app or the models. I would recommend trying to upgrade the system to something that meets the System Requirements for Video AI.

Also I am not seeing a valid email in the logs linked to a license which can cause issues with the apps performance when running.

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