Capture One plugin does not save file back to catalog | MacOS | v3.0.0

I work with Capture one 23 en Topaz AI 3 . I can’t find my files after saving the DNG in Topaz ! Apple M2 Pro

I’d like to get some more information to help troubleshoot the problem you are having.

Could you send us your computer’s full system profile?

Also if you can, please try to recreate this error in Topaz Photo AI, then go to Help > Open Log Folder, please send me all of the files within that folder. You should be able to attach them directly as a response to this email.

You can securely submit your files(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.

Dropbox File Request

Hello John , I’ve send you the files

Thanks for reporting this issue and sending in those log files. We are working on a fix for this problem.

For now, please revert back to v2.4.2.

  1. Open Finder, go to the Applications folder, and delete any/all versions of Topaz Photo AI from Applications.
  2. Download the Mac installer for Topaz Photo AI v2.4.2 here.
  3. Run the installer.

The plugin should be working again after doing this.

So I’m now regretting buying Photo AI. I use Capture One on a Mac and it seems the workflow isn’t and hasn’t worked for a very long time. Given the trial doesn’t allow you to save you don’t find this out until you buy the full version £199!

So Edit-In in Capture One to open the DNG in Photo AI only works in one way (it tells you this in the online help but doesn’t give you a workaround). You can export the file as a Tiff but that take it out of your Capture one Catalog or Session so you would then need to import each photo again. Also, if you take that Export approach then it also now sees a TIFF and doesn’t do the RAW Noise. Ideally the workflow should be able to open the DNGs from Capture one (batch preferably) and just denies them and return to Capture one then be able to add the sharpen later at the end of the workflow whilst keeping the files in your c1 catalog…

This was also the same in the last version of TPAI. It makes me wonder why it is a note in the online Help (which you only see after you’ve bought the product) and why it wasn’t called out in the Trial or on the website so you would know that the integration with Capture One doesn’t work on a Mac??

I think I’ve found a workaround after much playing and that’s to disable the PhotoAI Plugin completely and tell capture one to Edit-In by selecting an ‘other’ app. Then ensure you overwrite the original file (which will be the new variant C1 created). Problem is still that PhotoAI doesn’t see any changes you’ve already made to the DNG so for it to see those.

Topaz Photo AI [v3] on [Mac 14.4.1] with [Capture One]

@jo.maes @paul71

We have released a new version of Topaz Photo AI that has fixed the issue where the Capture One plugin was no longer processing your RAW file.

You can use the in-app option to update or the following link:

Topaz Photo AI | v3.0.1 | MacOS Installer

Let us know how this update goes, and if you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to ask us here :slight_smile: