Cant start Export because input is not correctly recognized anymore since 3.3.1 persists in 3.3.3

Hello everyone,

my issue is basically described in the thread name. I cant export Videos anymore since 3.3.1 because somehow the input is not recognized correctly anymore. Completely uninstalling Topaz and reinstalling solves the problem but only for one encode. So i guess it has something to do with caches/temps?

I reverted to 3.3.0 and everything works fine there.

Screenshot look at the IN section to the right:

DxDiag.txt (146.2 KB)

UPDATE: I think i found the issue. it seems it was the default preset i was using. As soon as that 1 preset was used as default it bugged the input. Deleted the preset and recreated it. Seems to be working for now.


I had the exact same issue. Thank you for the solution!

Yes, it is the preset that was causing the issue :slight_smile:

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