Canon CR3 raw support

Just purchased several of the new Topaz programs and now find out that they do not support the Canon CR3 raw files. These CR3 files have been in existance for over a year and all the other Post Processing programs support them. When will Topaz support them. thanks

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Topaz uses LibRAW which, as yet, does not support CR3. It will be added when support is there. Note it has been 2 years coming.

What do you mean when support id’s there

Misspell, damm the spell checker, when it is there in LibRAW it will be incorporated in topaz products.

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[LibRaw 0.20 Release]

Submitted by lexa on 23 July, 2020 - 17:29

LibRaw 0.20 Release (new major release) - is just uploaded to [github repository]

What’s new and what’s changed (relative to LibRaw 0.19):

Camera Format support

  • Canon CR3
  • GoPro (via GPR SDK)
  • Panasonic 14-bit
  • Fujifilm compressed/16bit
  • Rapsberry Pi RAW+JPEG format (if USE_6BY9RPI defined)
  • Foveon X3F support changed: it is supported only if USE_X3FTOOLS

is there an ETA when it’ll be integrated? I just purchased Topaz Denoise and didn’t realize that it didn’t support CR3. I’m about to get back into CR3 big time because I just bought a Canon EOS R5.

No there is no ETA but the R series are not supported by LibRAW anyway:

Downloaded the trial version today, but I won’t be bying Denoise when CR3 is not supported.
I don’t have the R series, but the EOS250D.

You can still convert to DNG using the Adobe DNG Converter and use them or use TIF images from your RAW processor.

How do you guys not support CR3 files?

In the thread it says that LibRAW is used for processing RAW images the workaround is to use the free Adobe DNG Converter and process the RAW images. What camera are you looking for support for?

Why would I do that? Converting those RAW files to DNG compresses them. No thanks.

Thr LibRAW site, in the section supported cameras, lists as supported the Canon EOS R (that happens to be my camera). LibRAW 0.20 is dated 11 April 2020. Do you have an approximate date for the new LibRAW inclusion in Topaz products?

Sorry. The Supported Cameras List is dated 11 April, not the library.

I do believe that the EOS R is not yet supported by LibRAW and there has been no update to the RAW processing in Topaz products as of yet. You can ask at the main website using a support request but the current version of LibRAW is not in use…

LibRAW supported cameras ver 0.20 (note only EOS M50 support for CR3):

Wrong. Look in the list, EOS R is listed there.

My apologies I missed them, the R & RP are listed just after the powershot models.

You will still need to enquire of support at the main website as to if and when that version is to be used.

I’ve had my Canon 90D for about 15 months now and am still unable to use Topaz without converting my RAW files to another format. I feel really let down by Topaz. First I invested a lot of money into the plugins to then find that they would no longer be supported. I bought into Studio and many of the filters and tools, but I can’t use them with my RAW files.
I think I know what I’ll do when I get asked if I’d like to pay for an upgrade.

Studio is not included in the upgrade costs, only 4 products are subject to upgrade costs.

As previously mentioned CR3 support is being added since the library used was upgraded to support CR3 when LibRAW v0.20 was released last October.

Support for CR3 is being progressively added to Topaz products.

I see that CR3 support has been added! However, the images turn dark and greenish. It makes editing the photos very difficult in LightRoom or PhotoShop. Can this be worked on? These images are coming from a Canon EOS R5.

Canon R5 is not supported yet by LibRAW which is used by Topaz, it will be in the next LibRAW release and there after will be included in updates to the Topaz products in time.