Cannot downsize image specifying width-height

I’m trying both Gigapixel and Photo AI to square-crop (1:1) large JPG images, and to save to a 512px x 512px PNG output for AI training.

While I can specify the output width and height parameters (putting 512 in the boxes), the output image information panel in the bottom of the image preview never reflects this value. It seems to want to stay at the cropped image size (854px x 854px or whatever I cropped it to).

In Gigapixel I can alternatively specify the scale to, say, 0.26, although with two decimals I can only get close to 512px but not exactly that. Going back to fixing width or height to 512px will simply revert the output to the original cropped image size (e.g. 854px).

What I can do is to compromise and save to 854px x 854px, then re-open that cropped image and downsize that to 512px x 512px, which doubles the cost of my workflow.

Suggestions please?

It seems that Photo AI applies to crop but GigaPixel doesn’t.

Unfortunately in Photo AI the size cannot be reduced smaller than the crop and in GigaPixel it applies the original ratio to the output after it is cropped.

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