Can No longer get 300 ppi when images are saved

Please assist. When I save my images they now appear as 72 dpi. It is set to 300 ppi but saves as 72 dpi.

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Is it really saved wrong or does it just show up the wrong value when opening in will say photoshop? Anyway you can always calculate and verify if the pixel size wide and tall matches your needs if you want to print it at the desired resolution later. I made a batch file for this:

dpi to (262 Bytes)


Thanks so much for your message. In Photoshop is says 72dpi. I do Etsy creation and I am worried that if it shows up at 72dpi customers won’t support my shop.

I am attaching a screen shot of my set up in Topaz.

Regards Rolene
Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 16.25.48

Sorry for being stupid but how do I import the .bat file?

I’d like to test this on my end. Could you send me the image that you’re having trouble with? Please upload it to my Dropbox and let me know once it’s uploaded.

Just double click onto the .bat file to use it. The issue with the resolution in the meta data is that it is more a reminder for how it would like to be printed later. Either Gigapixel by mistake stores a wrong reminder into the meta data or Photoshop does not read the meta data and suggests a different resolution instead. :neutral_face:

I am uploading now. I have uploaded 2 original files and then 2 with Topaz in front of name so that you can see what it shows when exported.
Thanks for helping.

Before I test, I want to reproduce this properly. Are you using Gigapixel as a standalone or as a plug-in from Photoshop?

I use it as a stand alone - do you also need me to send you the original image as downloaded from Midjourney?

It always saved as 300 dpi but after the latest updates it changed.

When I download and open your image via IrfanView there are no metadata shown about the desired printing resolution!

Yes - that is the image as downloaded from Midjourney. You can use it and run it through Topaz.

I think if there are no metadata stored within the image the next application has no idea what your preferred output resolution might be and if you would like to put it onto the screen or print it to paper. Photoshop tends to just suggest 72 dpi because that was a common screen resolution of CRT monitors back then in the 1980’s/1990’s.

This is the original image that still needs to be run in Topaz. I just send it to your so that you can have the original download. The other images I sent were already processed in Topaz. I am going to send you an old download from Midjourney so that we can have a look.

… so it seems that the problem lies with Midjourney. Here are some older images that I downloaded and this one now converts to 300 dpi

Thanks for providing some of the pictures you are working on. Just for my understanding, what exactly do you want to do with the images that you need the specific metadata in the image for? :slight_smile:

All the new downloads convert to 72 dpi. I have now tried several batches that I have saved. Old downloads convert to 300 dpi.