[Bug] Filename's counter discrepancy when exporting to frames

this is something i have noticed now when processing a very large video, forcing me to stop and resume the processing starting from the last previously processed frame. example scenario:

  • i have a video with, say, 20000 frames to process
  • i start the processing without changing the processing range (full video) and eventually i stop at 8000. they’re saved in the “1st run” folder
  • next day i relaunch VEAI, so I set the starting frame to 8000, output directory “2nd run” and continue processing
  • i look at the exported frames and when comparing the 8000th frame between the two folders, they’re different. looks like the counter within the frames’ names from the “2nd run” are shifted by 1 backwards, so frame no. 8000 from the “1st run” is equal to the frame no. 7999 from the “2nd run”.
    it’s obviously a problem since if i went ahead and merged these two folders, i would drop a frame. let it accumulate over about 8 runs i need to process a large video and i’m looking at 8 frames of delay, or (assuming 24 fps footage) 0.33 s of footage lost - enough to cause a noticeable audio desync.

nice, 9 months passed and zero attention. $299 product btw.
still an issue on 3.1.4

For VEAI, I think all work has stopped on that. I seem to remember a few bugs I wished they would fix in it. I haven’t used it in so long, I forgot what they were.

For TVAI, I know they have heard all the complaints about not being able to trim by frame number. Adding that is going to be tricky because ffmpeg by default does cuts by keyframes near timestamps. Frame number is not part of the logic at all.
You can add the logic to calculate what the frame number should be at any timestamp, but it gets messy because of all the different types of videos files that can be opened. You know: ones with variable frame rates, interlaced ones and ones that it cannot read the frame rate correctly.
There is a filter that can cut at a frame number, but I have not tested it to see if it keeps the audio in sync. It may not.
Long explanation, short: I’m not surprised they have not figured out how to implement it yet.

thanks for your input, but that’s not quite what i’m getting at. i’m not talking being able to trim by frame number. i’m talking about filename discrepancies when exporting to an image sequence. i’ve always seen that count be off by 1, so it sounds easy enough to fix.

but funnily enough, this is no longer that much of a problem for me because now i’m exporting to NVENC H.265, so i can use timestamps instead of frames to resume jobs. why? because apparently NVENC H.265 is the best TVAI has to offer in terms of best possible quality without decimating storage space, while also producing files from unfinished jobs that aren’t corrupted. PNG and TIFF are enormous (EXR even more so), JPG introduces visible compression artifacts, and ProRes and VP9 can only be exported to formats which leave broken files when jobs are interrupted.

sorry for an off-topic rant but it really feels like not enough heart is being put into TVAI’s encoders. why are we forced to quality 91 with JPG? why can we export to H.264/5 with NVENC, but not to x264/5? why are we forced to max 180 mbps on NVENC encoders instead of allowing us to freely define bitrate and preset, or let us use CQ/RF instead? yes, i guess we can use CLI and tell ffmpeg to do whatever we want to do, but this is something i feel fine doing with a free program some dude wrote in his spare time, not with a program i have to pay 3 digits more than once to keep it up to date with larger updates. the AI core of this program is basically magic, and yet UI is still so clumsy…

Ah but it does have to do what what you are talking about. The frame count number while creating image files relies on the same complexities I mentioned with trimming by frame number. That’s probably why it gets off by 1.
For bit rate with NVENC, just enter whatever you want in the box:
TVAI will use it. Yeah most programs don’t let you edit the value of a drop-down menu, but TVAI does. Agreed. It could be better at letting us choose more parameters.

I agree about the JPG compression. Up it, or let us pick in the GUI.

oh, my bad, didn’t notice you can actually type in your value there, thank you

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@glodomorrapl thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:
Yes, trimming is a work in progress! I would recommend taking a look at the TVAI roadmap post so you can get a feel for what we are currently working on.