Bug: encode gets overwritten with preview

I do a export and after my encode is finished, I do a new preview with same source vid in Topaz. Then following happens; my final encode gets overwritten with this preview! It’s very annoying when a project encodes x-hours and then it is simply gone. Now I do a copy of my finished result, before I do anything in Topaz. This happens generally tested with Iris model, but maybe also with others (all?) models (not tested!)

Topaz v4.1.2
Ryzen 9 5950X
GeForce RTX 470

Change the export to export as and set the file location in a new folder and change the exported file name.

I have been having this issue for months now, reported it as well, but seems they don’t care.

I heard about this before but was never able to re-create it even though I set my temp folder and destination folder to the same path. :eyes:

Can you open a support ticket and send the logs for review from these attempts?

Are you still experiencing this and if so can you share the logs?

This bug is solved (I hope so) since 4.2.0, thanks Topaz team!

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