Black stripe on image after processing with Fujifilm RAF files

Already with prior Photo AI version and also with currently version I get in the processed image file from my Fujifilm RAF (X-T5) files a black stripe on right side. This issue isn’t new.

Please check this with my attached example RAF file.
Added Screenshot from processed DNG file.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Load Fujfilm RAF and processing in Photo AI (Denoise or Sharpen)
  2. Save as DNG or TIFF
  3. Opened processed Image File shows black stripe on right image side

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows] and Photo AI 2.0.1

best regards

DSCF1776.RAF (45.4 MB)

Thanks for sharing the file. It looks like we are missing some crop information when opening the file.

I made a task for my team to look into this.

We found a bug in the software we use to open this image. Can I share this on a public forum so the software developers can look into a fix?

Yes, of course. I will be happy if the error can be fixed. Please send me the link for this entry in the public forum, so I can also follow the progress. thx

I’ll send you the link when I get it for the issue thread. The thread is not made yet.