Black box in encoded video

maybe this can shed some light on the issue… it happened again.

1st frame:
2nd frame
3rd frame
4th frame

so with every next frame, the black block increased in size and stayed until the end.
however, in the 3rd frame, there is a tiny square missing in the bigger black square…

yes, it was exactly like shown here, the black box begun small and begun to eat up more and more of the image until up to half of the image was black. sometimes the whole left side turned black!

mhm… my 2 cents:
it means that the processing takes a faulty (presumably empty) dataset from the processing of one frame to all later frames - which cannot be the correct procedure, even if frame interpolation is applied.
whatever is calculated, frame n and n+1000 have nothing in common - except of course their most basic and unchanging properties (resolution, crop,etc) and the detailed processing values you´ve entered. but those also don´t become faulty over time, otherwise they couldn´t process other parts of an image correctly later on.

What worries me, is when mine was doing that, it would eventually crash and have created a bunch of corrupt frames. I had it on PNG output. If I had it process a longer video, at some point in the video, the whole frame would end up being black like that. Then it would start creating corrupt PNG files. Then it would crash the computer with a blue screen.

There was another odd behavior at one point with it. If I had it process a short clip like 5 minutes long, it would do it fine. But if I told it to do a 40 minute clip with the same settings (Apollo 8, I thinkg), It would start those black squares before the 5 minute mark.