Bitrate change has no effect over 40mbps

Latest version of VideoAI on Windows 10, choosing AV1 (Nvidia) as the output, and selecting anything over 40mbps has no effect. There is a 0.01 gigabyte difference in file size between 24 and 40 mbps. Is anyone else having this issue? I am able to manually enter bitrates up to 800 mbps without error. This is a useful feature when I know I will be having to export the file to another video program, then process it again in VideoAI. It’s nice to have the intermediary bitrate as high as possible! Much appreciations

Probably your video doesn’t need more then 24mbps. there is just no video data beyond that.
By selecting a constant Mbps, you actually set what is the maximum Mbps your encoding must not bust.
Setting the MBbps, is not a True CBR either, by the way…FYI

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test sample 101 videos of various sources

BTW - if the reason why you selecting High mbps in the 1st place to get as close to lossless encoding/output, why not just encode it as lossless from the start in Video AI? that way you can edit it on other programs or just encode it later with Handbrake or something with your favorite settings.

How to set Lossless encoding in TVAI

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