Bitrate/CBR Erratic results

Upscaling 1080P to 4K is causing extremely different and erratic bitrate results. I have Windows 11, 64GB Ram, Nivida Geoforce 3060RTX 16GB, Video AI 4.2.1

Under Dynamic High with Artemis and Iris I’ve have bitrate results over 100mb/s making them unplayable in many cases and huge file sizes

Under Dynamic Medium with Artemis and Iris, I’ve had bitrate results under 5 mb/s making them not look well on larger screens

Try using the constant bit rate and setting it around 50mb/s or 20mb/s and see if that produces a result you like.

When you say the videos are unplayable, is that an issue with the video player app? Which app are you using to play the videos?

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