Best Model and Settings to Use For B&W 240p Video Upscaling?

I have several black and white videos at 360 x 240 resolution, MP4 container, progressive scan. I’m wanting to upscale to at least 720 x 480 resolution with an improvement in detail and sharpness.

Original videos are slightly grainy/out of focus due to low resolution.

From some quick searches, it appears that the Proteus model might be the best one to use in this case here. But what (manual) settings should be used for Proteus model?

Or, should I use another model instead of Proteus? If so, which model and what settings should be used?


You might want to give those a shot…

Thanks for the tip!

Had slight issue on how to apply these json scripts, but I found the answer here.

Still testing, but Initially the processed video appears to be quite good! However, I did notice very slight shimmering(?) on parts of peoples faces. Is there some setting or other process that has to be carried out to at least minimize this facial shimmering?