Batch saving and DPI setting

Hello. I work with batches on Photo AI, I put a range of pictures where I apply upscaling parameters, but the DPI settings does not change for all the photos, and when I go to another one to set it manually, the first I put with 300 DPI came back to 72. So I give up to make batches and go to do it one by one, but I can’t save only one photo and save all the batch, which is not set as I want …

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 : Upload 2 or + photos on Photo AI
  2. Step 2 : Set parameters of upscaling etc. Choose another DPI preset than default (72DPI)
  3. Step 3 : On the filmstrip, take the options of the upscaled photo and select “apply current setting to all”

Topaz Photo AI [v1.5.2] on [Windows/Mac]

you can not resize an image to dots per inch. dots per inch refers to your printer. the image itself has a fixed amount of pixels wide and high. the size of the image on paper depends on the dots per inch your printer will put to the paper. I personally think the dots per inch are missleading when in this case and should not be attached to the image because it tells nothing about the image size itself.

I have the same issue, I need to enlarge a group of images but the 300dpi parameter only works on the current image and not on all of them. Could you please add the DPI setting to the Autopilot settings in the general preferences? Thank you.

As said the dpi shown have NOTHING to do with your image. you CAN’T size an image according to dots per inch because this refers to your OUTPUT DEVICE, will say YOUR PRINTER, not to your image. dpi are one of the most miss understood measurements I know about. People are totally confused about it. :neutral_face:

I am an illustrator and I work with images at 300 DPI for printing purposes. If I insert a 72 DPI A4 photo into a 300 DPI A4 document, the image will appear much smaller. That’s why I need to resize it to 300 DPI. So far, I’ve been using Gigapixel to resize batches of images to 300 DPI and then transferring them to Photo AI.

Recently, there was an update to Photo AI that allowed for direct resizing to 300 DPI. Therefore, I’m wondering if it’s possible to enhance Photo AI to manage the DPI option, which already exists, and apply it to all uploaded images. Currently, Photo AI only permits resizing to 300 DPI for a single uploaded image.

If you consider 300 DPI unnecessary in Photo AI, then why was the option added in the first place?

You must set up right your printer and the software you want to print with. Of course you can blow up the sheer amount of PIXELS artificial, but even then it will not tell anything about the SIZE of the image when your printing software is not set up according to your needs!

For example, the DISTANCE between cologne and düsseldorf is around 50 kilometers. It doesn’t matter with how many kilometers per hour or miles per hour your car is advertised. Even if you modify the kilometers per hour or the miles per hour your car can go the distance between cologne and düsseldof will never change…

No it doesn’t - the size of your image is determined by the pixels per inch (PPI) output by your printer. The QUALITY of that output is determined by the dots per inch (DPI) set on your printer i.e. low DPI for draft quality, high DPI for fine quality (or whatever the terminology used by your printer is).

Thats why I said you might blow up the sheer amount of pixels to fake a sharper or more detailed image. But the “per inch” definition refers to a certain size, where the pixel count, no matter how blown up it will be, does not tell anything about its printing size. Also if you print in greyscale or colors the printing resolution drops a lot because the printer needs a lot of pixels together to make the illusion of a certain greyscale or color.

I need to work and draw/paint on resized images to the size of an A4 sheet and then print them. If Photo AI produces an image at 3000 x 3000 pixels at 72dpi, and I place it on an A4 sheet at 300DPI in Photoshop, it will be much smaller than the sheet.

To work, draw, and paint on this A4 sheet in Photoshop with the inserted image, what should I do?

Should I take the PhotoAI image at 72dpi, bring it into Photoshop, and then resize it to 300 DPI there before working on it?

It would be more convenient for me if this work is done directly by PhotoAI.

YES because the “dpi” saved in the image do not tell anything about the SIZE on paper (except if the printing software uses this info for the printing resolution). You must set up each application to the same printing reesolution, in this case: dots per inch to get it to the same size on the same paper. dpi is a relative size, not an absolute size. Tell photoshop you want the image 100 mm wide and then it will fit. If you tell Photoshop to use 72 dpi it gets larger or smaller dependend on the printing resolution you choose in Photoshop. Is it so hard to understand? :eyes:

So, I don’t understand why you’ve added the 300dpi option on Gigapixel for all the processed images, and on PhotoAI for just one image. At this point, if they’re not needed, you can remove the option.

dots per inch should not be attached to pixel images at all to stop all this confusion. if you want the image to be in a certain size you need inches, not dots per inches. print it 5 inches wide and you get it like this. print it 50 dpi and it gets larger or smaller dependend on your printing resolution.

No it won’t. The PPI/DPI will be ignored and your 3000 x 3000 document will not fit into the A4 document. Here I created a portrait format A4 document in white @300 ppi and placed onto it a 3000 x 3000 black square @ 72 ppi. The black square is wider than the A4 sheet and doesn’t completely fit in to the base document:

I give up on explaining it. Here is a good site that explains what it is all about:

That’s not really helpful - they admit at the start that the correct term is PPI and then go on to perpetuate the DPI myth. They’ve known since the launch of Affinity that DPI is incorrect but they stubbornly refuse to change it.

It seems there are two separate discussions happening.

To address the point of the original post, Apply Settings to All currently does not copy the PPI from one image to all other images. Thus, one image has the correct resolution for printing but all other images do not. This is a bug and I made a task for my team to fix this.

We will also be creating an Autopilot preference setting for PPI/PPCM so that all images processed in Topaz Photo AI could be set to the same resolution. That is coming later.

Let me know if you have further questions or discussion about this.

Thank you for the DPI option in Autopilot!

As for the other matter, are you saying that working on an image at 72dpi or 300dpi with the same resolution is the same thing?
If I upload an image generated by PhotoAI at 72dpi to any online print-on-demand service, it gets rejected as the image needs to be at 300dpi. I have to resize it using Photoshop to bring it up to 300dpi before I can upload it to the website. This is just one example of the issue with 300dpi images.

It doesn’t matter if your car is advertised with kilometers per hour or with miles per hour. The distance between Cologne and Düsseldorf will not change. :neutral_face:

That is like this for years beause those companies are lazy. Normally it is the job of the printing service to calculate the output size according to the input image correctly no matter what image you send!

DPI and PPI however are not different measures of the same thing as mph and kph are. DPI and PPI are measures of two different things.