Batch processing images outputs wrong file name to wrong image sometime double images to same filename original gone

Over 1000 jpg files from Windows 11 work folder into the Topaz AI “Browse Images” window. selecting denoise standard only, applied to all other images. Upon batch saving some images are duplicated and some are missing. For example, if I submit images 1, 2 & 3, I might get back images named 1, 2 & 3, but it’s actually 1, 1 & 3. The imaged named “2” is lost and replaced with a duplicate of “1” but named “2”.

Photo AI 1.3.8, MS Windows 11

A previous nearly identical reported issue was opened and “solved” by pointing a finger at Adobe LRC.
I am not using ALRC. Topaz Photo AI 1.3.8 is simply confusing and mixing up filename to images and outputting incorrect files in batch saves. This only recently began after applying 1.3.8 update.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor 4.00 GHz
64.0 GB DDR4 3400
Windows 10 (x64) Pro 22H2

I reported it in older versions and it seems to have started with the performance optimizations in saving. For me it is multithreaded writes/processing when images that are orders of magnitude different in size disrupt the pipeline.

If I cannot trust this software not to destroy 12 hours of my workflow, and cannot get a response from Topaz, then I’m looking at a pursuing a refund, bad taste in my mouth, and not recommending this software to any serious professional photographer. Come on guys, at least reply/acknowledge.

agreed the least they could do is acknowledge that they changed saving instead of blaming it on us for not providing testcases (which would require your computer exactly loaded as it was when it happened, as well as ability to grant them copyright access to thousands of images)

The easiest thing to do is to regress the code from before the saving changes, while they set up a regression test on the side until they can catch it in the act.

This basically derailed my project as splitting into smaller batches and manually verifying and rerunning even smaller batches to fix means I cannot finish the batch before weekly update.

@greg.rusk @kevin.shank-0439 We apologies for the headache this has caused for you.

Please upload the log files so we can see what’s going on in the application. To do that, open Topaz Photo AI and go to the Help > Open Log Folder menu option.

I’ll pass them along to our developers to see where the bug is and find a solution for you.
Thanks for your patience.

I just reported the same issue - super problematic in a big workflow, where images are saved with wrong names, overwriting images that have had a lot of work done to them

In my case, Tiffs, and C1

Tim, as a professional independent photographer, when I’m not shooting, I’m editing and barely keep up with my own schedule. I simply do not have the time, interest or the patience to troubleshoot your product for you. I stopped using your products weeks ago and uninstalled it after not getting a reply from you in in 72 hours of this issue screwing me. Sorry, I just couldn’t put my business on hold waiting for a support response that may never come. Somehow I managed without your product before and that’s what I’m doing now. Here’s a novel concept, forward this entire thread with all the existing extensive info already herein, to your “development team” and kindly request that they at least attempt to recreate it without wasting your customers VERY valuable time and resources further.
Geez. SMH.

im currently on 14 hours of wasted time, and nowhere near finishing

with batch file overwrites, ive had to go back and

  1. figure out where the issues are
  2. re-edit the files in PS
  3. manually one by one pop files back through photo AI

Its busy wedding season, need i say anything else?

Then you accidently update because it takes you more than a week to finish so maybe they fixed it? Only to find another flow breaking bug setting you back even further.

It has become very clear they do not do regression and flow testing at all.

We are working on stress tests for this specific issue with duplicating files. The fix is in progress as we know it’s a huge issue right now.

For now, you may want to use a previous version which did not have the issue. I believe that v1.3.10 would perform better for this.

No you are thinking of the recent host tool API interface which has a similar problem and is a new issue in 1.4.x

Even the OP states this was a problem in their 1.3.8- so you need to more carefully read the thread you are responding to. This post is about using batch file output in the standalone tool.

It has been an issue ever since performance optimizing multi-thread saves was done for the batch file output, as noted in my replies to the OP I saw it in even older versions than their 1.3.8. This is my report from 1.3.5. Batch saving needs regression testing that image sequence is not overwriting each other

Yes this was an issue previously. However it got worse in v1.4.0.

We have a fix for the overwriting/wrong output in v1.4.3 which is releasing today. It was reproducible for us in LrC.

These issues seem to be related so I expect that it should help with the issue in stand alone as well.

Please run a batch and check. I tested with some batches on my Windows device but couldn’t reproduce. It’s a newer device so it may be hardware dependent.

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