Batch Process "Interlace" and "Interlace Progressive" is broken

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I am opening a new thread as the old one is not being followed or addressed.

Interlace progressive and interlaced batch Process are broken. as the matter of fact it was never really fixed.
It reverts to Proteus on interlaced and on Progressive Interlace it reverts everything back to “Interlaced” and to “Proteus”…

It is a problem as we can’t tweak the settings on each video in the batch off the base line selection for all videos. Also we can’t export the CLI command of each video of what was selected, as it resets itself as soon as you step on it.

As they say , a picture worth a 1000 words…

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@tony.topazlabs @luke.roche
Did you guys had a chance looking into this issue?
You can see it very easily in the Video I attached.

@Akila sorry for the delay, the team is still working on this. I just sent them an update from my tests in a beta version.

Following up on your video, this looks to not be applying the model change to the other clips when selected instead of reverting back to proteus after being set.

@kyle.topazlabs did you see my Video I captured and posted at the Beta post?
Maybe let them watch it, it shows the issue clearly on the Beta version as well as on the current version.

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