Autopilot hangs on 'Detecting noise & blur level'

I see my previous feedback has been marked as ‘resolved’, but it isn’t resolved.
A further problem now is that the image I was trying to edit was presented in B&W, even though I was editing the raw file in colour - perhaps because I shot it with Picture Control set to monochrome?
I now regret switching from Denoise to Photo AI, given that I simply can’t do anything now.

If you own Denoise, you can re-install Denoise from your user acct. page.

Do you have any examples of the problem you are having with this image? Also could you provide us with what type of RAW file you are working with? This might give us a better understanding of the issue.

I have reported this issue several times. If you shoot in raw + JPG with the camera set to B&W you get, quite correctly, a B&W JPG and a colour raw. However, since v2.0.4 Photo AI displays the raw file in B&W - I’ve tried this with Panasonic RW2 and Olympus ORF files. I raised this with Topaz Labs Support, and provided samples, only to be told that this is correct behaviour. This is something I find hard to believe as every other piece of software I own displays these raw files in colour, as did Photo AI prior to v2.0.4.

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That figures. That particular problem only started since I changed the 2nd card to jpegs raher than overflow.

I have the same problem with MC picture control images. FL picture control images process fine, but not the ones captures with MC picture control enabled. Lightroom presents them as color, but when I use the Lightroom topaz AI picture control autopilot continually spins on 'detecting noise and blur level"

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