Authentication token could not be validated - This isn't one of the other threads

This just started today and I’ve got no idea why. Topaz Video AI 4.0.9 (the last one I own), nothing changed in terms of the software or my pc. Just randomly logged me out, and when I click to activate it, it pops open the browser (like normal) and the page authenticates me and gives me the thumbs up to go back to the app (like normal), but then I get:

“Authentication token could not be validated.”

Screenshot 2024-04-10 210017

I’ve searched through the internet and the Topaz forums, and found a few topics that mention the authentication token validation, but none of them have solutions and it seems like the two most prominent ones were caused by different issues as one seems to have been a guy with two different emails that was causing confusion.

I’ve just got one email, same software, nothing changed, and I’m locked out now.

I tried uninstalling, rebooting, re-installing, tried using a different browser to authenticate. I don’t really have anything else to try, I hope a Topaz person can help me get the product working again?

Running Windows 10, Topaz Video AI 4.0.9.

Can you share the logs from the app?

Help>Logging>Gather Logs for Support and attach the zipped folder here. If you want to send it to the support team directly you can email them to help*

I would post logs but I figured out what happened and it’s a Windows problem, although I don’t know why it happened.

Some combination of a windows update in the last week and/or last update for Topaz that I never noticed because I hadn’t used Topaz for awhile, led the firewall rule (not in the “Add or allow a program through the firewall” screen with the modern interface, the old school “Windows defender with firewall rules” screen) to not be correctly applying although there was still a rule allowing Topaz VAI.

I deleted the old firewall rule that pointed to Topaz Video AI and remade the rule, even though they pointed to the same executable, it now works.

Don’t ask me why. o.O

But hey, anyone in the future that finds this because of the same problem, try deleting and redoing firewall rules even if they look like they should still work.

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Thanks for sharing that. I will keep that in mind for other Windows users.