Applying Denoise AI (and other AI products) to 400+ photos

Short version: How can I batch process photos in Denoise AI?

Long version:
I was recently given the opportunity to photograph a dress rehearsal of the Phantom of the Opera musical by the local Musical Union, and I now want to share my selected 400+ photos with the cast via Facebook. As is usual for stage productions, the lighting was quite dark so I ended up shooting the entire production at 6400 ISO. Denoise AI (DAI) is a wonderful product for removing the noise (and doing a touch of sharpening), but I don’t want to have to apply it separately to each photo.

What is the best way to batch process these photos in DAI? I am happy to use the same settings in DAI for each photo. Ideally I would like to put all of the photos into Lightroom as that is my preferred post-processing tool when I have this many photos as I can use the Sync tool to rapidly apply changes to multiple photos, and then save them all simultaneously. So is there a way to automate opening DAI from Lightroom, applying the common settings, closing it, and repeating for the remaining photos.

Plan B would be to do this from DAI itself, or from Photoshop, and then to do the rest of the processing in Lightroom.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you folks can provide.



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